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Type LB Rotary Vane Flow Meter is a certain kind of volumetric flow measuring meter, being used for flow volume measurement in enclosed pipeline.
The Flow Meter provides total flow accumulating display on site as well as remote transfer output interfaces which are adaptable with related Optical-Electrical Pulse Convertor and Flow Totalizer for remote measurement, display and control.


1) High measuring accuracy; fundamental tolerance is about ¡À0.2% to ¡À0.5% in general;
However, 0.1% is also available for special needs; its performance usually will not be affected by flow status and not be limited by its Reynolds Numbers;
2) Suitable to fluids with high viscosity; so viscosity variation makes less change in its measuring results;
3) Digital Wheel Counter for accumulating flow display, no external energy supply is needed; easy access to use; Counter for flow accumulation with two displays; one of them can be cleared to Zero at user¡¯s convenience in some discontinued measuring application.

Flow Meter is being attached with Optical-Electrical Output shaft that is to be used in connection with Type LPJ-12D or LPJ-12D/FI Optical-Electrical Pulse Convertor made by this company for remote pulse signal or 4-20mA current signal transfer.

Product Standard:Q/TDSM 0
Verification Regulation: JJG 667-
2010 Verification Regulation of Liquid Positive Displacement Flowmeter

Working Principle

As Shown on Figure, Blades with Rotor engaged is rotating, being forced by fluid flow; during rotation, Blade is drawn-out and drawn-back one by one due to the influence of fixed Cam, which is continuously forming Measuring Chambers together with Housing Wall for fluid measuring; the Measuring Chamber Volume is a fixed one, therefore, number of Rotor turns is proportional to the fluid volume passing through the flow meter; then via attached Gear Reducer, the Fluid Volume is displayed on Counter.


Rotary Vane Flow meter mainly consist of Housing, Measuring Body, Gear Reducer, Output-Shaft Sealing Mechanism, Accuracy Trimmer and Counter.

On-Site Application

Main Technical Specifications

Type Selection

Settle Nominal Diameter:
According to actual working flow rate Q (normal flow rate) and principle: 30%Qmax£¼ Q£¼ 80%Qmax, to figure out Qmax; refer to Table ¡°Main Technical Specifications¡± to settle Nominal Diameter;
2 Settle Fundamental Tolerance (Accuracy Class):
As per practical needs, to select ¡À0.2% or ¡À0.5% or others;
3 Settle Nominal Pressure:
As per actual working pressure and principle: actual working pressure < Nominal Pressure; to settle Flow Meter Nominal Pressure;
4 With settled Nominal diameter, Fundamental Tolerance (Accuracy Class) and Nominal Pressure, and then with reference to ¡°Type Code for Selection¡±, to finalize the Flow Meter Type;

Type Selection Code

Dimensions & Installation Reference

Complementary Product Briefing