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  • Programmable frequency /low frequency-square wave for Magnetic Excitation,to increase the flow measuring stability with low power consumption;
  • Reliable measuring, high accuracy, flow range-ability ratio up to 1500:1
  • Chinese/English menu for easy, simple and understandable operation
  • Two direction flow rate measuring; two direction totalized flow measuring; simultaneous ?electrical current and pulse output
  • Digital communication output RS-485 or RS-232C
  • Built-in power failure clock for up to 16 times-recording of power failure

Main Technical Specifications

Integrated Accuracy: £º DN¦µ10¡«250£º¡À0£®5£¥¡¢¡À1£®0£¥
Medium Conductivity£º £¾20uS/cm
Output Signal£º 0¡«10mA DC , 4¡«20mA DC , 0¡«lkHz pulse signal
Communication£º RS485 or RS-232C
Nominal Pressure£º DN¦µ10¡«50£º4.0MPa
Working Current£º ¡Ü0.5A
Degree of Protection£º Regular Type: IP65£¬Special Type:IP67
Power Supply£º ¡«220V AC£¬50Hz£»or 24V DC£¨special orders£©
Flange£º JB/T 81-94£¬GB/T 9119-2000 , or User¡¯s option


Main Body£º Measuring Pipe:SUS304 Stainless Steel
Housing: Q235 Steel
Inner Lining£º DN¦µ10¡«20£ºPTEF
DN¦µ20¡«300£ºPTFE; Neoprene; Polyurethane; acid-durable rubber
DN¦µ350¡«1200£ºPTFE; Neoprene
Electrode£º OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Or Titanium Ti
Tantalum Ta
Platinum Pt
Hastelloy Alloy

Commonly used Materials for Inner Lining

Inner lining Material
1¡¢the best chemically stable plastic material; can be used for boiled hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and aquaregia; strong alkali or other organic solutions;
2¡¢?poor friction durability and adhesiveness
Strong acid, alkali Strong corrosive medium
3¡¢sanitary required medium
1¡¢good elasticity, good tear & wear durability;
2¡¢durable for regular low concentration acid, alkali, salt corrosion; not durable for oxygenated medium corrosion
2¡¢?general purpose water, waste water, mud and mineral slush
1¡¢excellent wear-resistance (approximately 10 times strong, compared with natural rubber )
2¡¢?poor durability for acid and alkali
2¡¢neutral strong-wearing mineral, coal and mud slush
Acid-durable rubber
durable for hydrochloric acid at normal temperature, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia, phosphoric acid and 50% sulphuric acid; sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and strong oxygenated materials 1¡¢£¼90¡æ
2¡¢Regular acid, alkali. salt solutions
  High accuracy as well as reliability of LDCK Smart Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter is based on our consistent technical improving and up-grading, the technology of which is reaching up to the advanced level in this country in terms of magnetic excitation, inner lining and intelligence techniques. It is suitable for measuring volumetric flow of conductive medium like acid, alkali or salt solutions, mud or mineral slush, paper pulp and waste water. Since there are no rim-parts within the Meter measuring-pipe, the flow passing through it will not create any additional pressure loss. The Meter measuring accuracy is not affected by the variation of medium physical parameters, like pressure, temperature, density (including solid-liquid ratio) and viscosity. High sensitivity, wide ranging capability, disturbance-proof ability, zero stability and working reliability are also its advantages.
Explosion-proof Flow Meter is available with Explosion-proof Class mdIIBT4

Standard: JB/T 9248-1999 Electro-magnetic Flowmeters

Verification Regulation: JJG 1029-2007 Verification Regulation of Vortex-shedding flowmeter

Range Selection


If an user is choosing LDCK-100, and the min flow 10m3/h, the maximum flow can be chosen as one, among 28, 55, 90, 110, 140, 170; ¡­..280 m3/h, for instance, Q3=90 m3/h is being chosen; however, any flow figures between ¡°Flow Points¡± on the above table can also be chosen as maximum flow, here like 60 m3/h or 80 m3/h

Flow Meter Type Expression


Example 1: LDCK-100JM16MA100Y/TBS
Electro-Magnetic Flow meter, nominal dia.100mm; inner lining PTFE; electrode 0Cr18Ni12 Mo2Ti; nominal pressure 1.6MPa; grounded ring 0Cr18Ni12 Mo2Ti; output current 4-20mA; max flow 100m3/h; mounting style: integrated, with display (instant, totalized)
Example 2: LDCK-150LH10MB200F
Electro-Magnetic Flow meter, nominal dia.150mm; inner lining chloroprene rubber; electrode Hastelloy Alloy; nominal pressure 1.0MPa; grounded ring 0Cr18Ni12 Mo2Ti; output current 0-10mA; max flow 200m3/h; mounting style: separated with display (instant, totalized)


Dimensions & Weight


1. Fluid flow direction must be in compliance with the Arrow Direction indicated on Flow Meter;
2. To ensure the straight pipe length:? for flow meter inlet up-stream more than 5D; for flow meter outlet down-stream more than 3D (D means flow meter inner diameter);
3. Sensor must be well grounded; grounding resistance less than 10?;
4. Installation shall be located at a place far away from strong AC magnetic field

Installation position recommended

Notice for Order
1. Full-scale flow rate of the flow meter selected must not be less the actual maximum flow rate in the pipeline; meanwhile to enable the normal operation flow rate exceeding over 50% of the selected flow rate range;
2. There are 2 optional DC current outputs for Convertor, one is 4-20mA, other is 0-10mA, however only one of them can be selected, please specify which one is needed during order.